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Agent For Life Program

The Home Centric Realty changes everything about the Real Estate industry and most of our Agents just appreciate saving money and avoiding expensive franchise fees. but I want to take a moment and explain the Real Reason Real Estate Agents EARN MORE ~ LEARN MORE & KEEP MORE at Home Centric Realty. The answer is in our revolutionary Agent for Life Compensation Formula! At Home Centric Realty you will never have to negotiate split with your Brokerage. The Agent for Life Formula allows every agent to move compensation freely from one level to the next without sacrificing service. For example if you are a ROOKIE AGENT who desperately needs to be in a true apprentice role, we will assign a mentor. Your mentor will go on listing appointments and negotiate contracts side by side with you until YOU ARE READY to go on your own.If you are an EMERGING ASSOCIATE who could use some leads or coaching. You might elect to join a productive TEAM or get involved with any of our popular productivity or accountability coaches. When you GAIN THE EXPERIENCE to generate a steady flow of commissions. When you enjoy the confidence you need to work independently then you can take advantage of industry changing compensation that maximizes income to YOU in ways that have never before been associated with a national brand! And finally if you have an AFFINITY FOR LEADERSHIP... Home Centric Realty supports you with the most lucrative platform to build and manage a productive team or venture on your own as an independent Broker Affiliate! No matter where you are on your journey and career path Home Centric Realty supports you teaching, training & technology so you can remain an associate for life.


The Real Estate industry has been turned on its head with Home Centric Realty. Most of us are just so happy to be free from expensive franchise fees and Gain More ~ Make More & Keep More BUT...Today I get to share with you one of the most innovative programs that Home Centric Realty brings to the table for our Realtors. Our Fast Revenue Plan solves many of the problems faced by new and emerging associates in our industry. Do you realize that 3 out of 4 Real Estate Agents "STARVE OUT" of the business during their first two years? Too many Real Estate Agents are "part time" and working "two jobs" as they transition into the lucrative Real Estate business. We believe that a Real Estate Agent loses precious credibility and professional opportunity when they put on a Home Depot Apron, Bar Tend or Deliver Pizza’s. Yet there are Ten’s of thousands of Real Estate Agents working for National Franchise Brands that work Jobs outside of the industry to make ends meet. What if your Broker managed a system whereby you could earn $500-1500 per week INSIDE THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY? The Fast Revenue Plan at Home Centric Realty could be the difference that you are looking for. Imagine heading into the office and having 2-3 Families waiting for you to show them houses! These consumers are Prequalified, have a Check Book in Hand, and are eager with a Sense of Urgency to find their new home Today! The Fast Revenue Program gives you the power and professional opportunity to Gain More ~ Make More ~ & Keep More while working inside the Real Estate Business.

Miscellaneous Programs 

Do you successfully list For Sale By Owners (without cold calling)?

Hey, would you be interested in listing For Sale by Owners this year? What if you could list 4-6 more properties this year without ever making a cold call? We manage a proven F.S.B.O. C.R.M. that helps associates convert FSBOs to MLS Listings! BTW. It’s FREE!!! Call me to discuss you and I working more closely together in the future.

What the heck is the Agent for Life Formula™

The Agent for Life Compensation Formula™ in residential Real Estate is irresistible and it is changing the relationship between Real Estate Brokers and the Associates all over the country. Home Centric Realty  movement to Un~Franchise residential Real Estate begins by eradicating expensive franchise fees. Eliminates the “nickel & dime” tolls and taxes on transnational volume and charts a clear path for every associate. The Agent for Life Formula™ evolves with you across every step of your residential Real Estate career and removes the golden handcuffs of corporate millionaires taxing your transaction volume.Emerging Associates ~ Productive Agents ~ Elite Associates ~ Team Leaders ~ Broker Affiliates all belong to one brand and we enjoy a variety of platform benefits appropriate to our needs!! With our Agent for Life Formula™, Home Centric Realty may be the company you never want to leave! 

Systems and Source of Business Charting

Do you have any systems that generate income month in and month out? Have you ever wanted to know the newest trade secrets of Top Agents across America? Home Centric Realty is a new private club for Real Estate Agents and it includes a complete Productivity Platform. Just one of our proven systems could be the difference maker in this year’s production!I We like to think that if you make more money and we work together then…Well you know! Call me for a complimentary 30-minute business analysis & explore our platform

Have you ever wanted a coach?

Elite Agents crave structure, direction, and accountability. Coaching has become a multi-billion-dollar industry because Real Estate Agents clamor for coaching!!! If you could participate in coaching and accountability programs proven to increase production and professionalism would you consider it? Home Centric Realty offers intensive coaching programs for Real Estate agents from all levels of production.  The program is part of unique private club that eradicates expensive national franchise fees. Try Shark Feeding Rapid Fire our most intense 3-part series (free from any cost) when you join Home Centric Realty.

Just Checking in.

I don’t want to be a pest but I know you will love Home Centric Realty.

Our Platform for Real Estate Agents is truly one-of-a-kind but our people, products, and process are what will make you proud. Call me for a Free 30 Minute Business analysis and Take a Look at what Home Centric Realty has to offer you.

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