Changing Firms


Do you want to become a Certified Staging Professional?

Some of the top agents in the country have become Staging Experts through Home Centric Realty and we are changing residential Real Estate for the better. Our Real Estate Staging Expert Designation serves to upgrade and differentiate you from other Real Estate Agents! This is a 3-part series that requires an additional 90-minute assignment of practical application to complete the certification. Once certified you become licensed to use proven marketing materials that do list more houses. I have noticed staging works great within a Farm Area or within your Personal Sphere of Influence!! Maybe you would like to work more closely with me this year?? Home Centric Realty is changing residential Real Estate? Our complete Productivity Platform offers programs like Real Estate Staging Certification. 8 out of 10 Sellers prefer working with Realtors that hold some type of staging expertise. Call me for a free 30-minute business analysis or just obtain your Staging Certification on me. 

We can use Smart Lead Capture to work together!

Does it seem like and Zillow are now selling your own leads back to you? If you have listings or sell new construction regularly I can help you capture more leads and lower your pay per click & SEO Budget!!! Our patented Smart Lead Capture technology acts like a “Venus Fly Trap” to grab leads from dozens of diverse sources and shoot them right to your smartphone or funnel leads into your C.R.M.!!! Give me a call if you would like to partner up in a few areas this year. Home Centric Realty is changing residential Real Estate? Our Productivity Platform offers programs like Smart Lead Capture for better lead conversion ratios. Smart Lead Capture is part of the technology package offered to all members free from any charges. 

Do you know the SIX FIGURE SECRETS of residential real estate?

Have you ever wanted a set of guidelines to follow in residential real estate sales? What if the guide included the actual proven strategies of America’s Elite Real Estate Agents? You might pay thousands of dollars to some coach or guru to get your hands on such an exacting formula for achievement in your line of work. What if your Brokerage offered the formula for free? Is your existing Real Estate Brokerage helping you make more money, be more efficient, provide for your family? Great Real Estate Agents are not born, they are trained. Call me for a free 30-minute business analysis.

Do you sell Foreclosures or Handyman Specials?

These investment opportunities are not just for “hard money” or “cash buyers” anymore! Do you know that they can now finance those deals through my FHA and Conventional mortgage products? This is a big deal for your buyers!!! They have always been locked out of this opportunity in the past!! NAR projects 52% of home sales to come from first-time home buyers this year! First Time Home Buyers are defined as not having owned in the past 3 years. Millennials say they want to renovate old houses and establish instant equity Home Centric Realty offers you a RENOVATION Certification that helps you list and sell more property. This free certification comes with exclusive renovation software and visualizer to transform your residential Real Estate career into a renovation expert! Call me for a Free 30-minute Business Analysis!!

How is your Real Estate Business Doing? 

What is your average monthly production? Are you listing houses or just working buyers? Can you effectively and confidently predict your income? Do you want to grow your business and develop new sources of income this year? What if I could help? No cost, no obligation! Home Centric Realty is changing residential Real Estate? HCR Associates get turnkey solutions and meaningful resources that we can apply right away! Call me for a Free 30-minute Business Analysis.

Internet Buyer Leads are a tough and expensive racket! 

In some Brokerages, 98.5% of the pay per click budget produces false or garbage leads.I am not saying stop doing it, I am just saying that it is a highly expensive and competitive game.I have another solution that I would like to share with you. What if instead of buying leads together we worked more closely on growing your listing inventory???WHAT???

Has your current Real Estate Brokerage ever helped you get a listing? 

Listing Agents produce higher quality leads than Zillow, or Google Pay Per Click combined! If I manage an agent that has 10 or more listings we all make more money and have more fun! Call me for a Free 30-minute business analysis. 

Take 10 listings this year. 

What would you do with an extra $5000 per month? Would you travel, pay down debt, build your retirement, move to a different house? The opportunity for you to increase production by a solid $2M and $60,000 this year may come from a strange place. When you join Home Centric Realty you open a vault of teaching, training, coaching and tools that when applied have been proven to increase production for thousands of Real Estate Agents. Just one initiative that will dramatically impact your career! Call me for a Free 30-minute business analysis. 

Millennials shop differently and you need to know it.

Do you already use Virtual Reality Home Tours (like Matterport)? Are you Certified in Renovation Real Estate? Do use a Smart Phone App to Prequalify Buyers? Millennials are not putting down their phones to buy a house!! How can a single SMART PHONE APP change your Real Estate business for the future?

Never Partner with anyone unless it’s for money and then don’t do it!

Partnerships in Real Estate suffer and fail more times than they succeed. What if your own Broker could act as a true productivity partner. Help with technology. Help with systems, Help with Lead Capture. Help with Team Building, But no binding partnership agreements, no cost, and no obligation! 

85% of Millennials prefer a One-Stop-Shop 

Millennials demand Mortgage, Title and Real Estate be simplified and convenient.(and you better have an app for that) Even Baby Boomers prefer One-Stop-Shopping in Real Estate 4/1 but millennials insist on it! Can a new Brokerage and Mortgage Partnership change your career for the future? Call me for a FREE analysis.  

How do you get to second base without taking your foot off first base?

Is there a correct way to investigate Brokerage Level Opportunities without jeopardizing your listing inventory or existing commission dollars? The first answer is YES and why should you even have to question that, independent contractor’s agreements should be constructed with clearly defined legal and binding EXIT Strategies, so that you can leave your current brokerage without fear of loss or penalty, but in the event, that your existing Brokerage is trying to “hold you hostage” there is a secret legal way to research, interview and transition from your existing Brokerage to your next or better choice..  Home Centric Realty is part of a larger industry wide shift and there are safe proven ways for you to research, interview and transition to a more lucrative environment for you and your family! Call or text me anytime (even over the weekend) to discuss this simple  strategy for a major bump in income. 

Do you wonder where all the split dollars and franchise fees go?

In the 70s and 80s we needed a national brand to facilitate relocation and referral. We needed an expensive franchise brand to attract consumers and help us market our listings, Back then it was impossible to give your listing national exposure without paying expensive franchise fees.But today any individual agent or local Brokerage can offer National; even World Wide Exposure with a few clicks of a button. Today Buyers come to us through Google and Zillow and not expensive franchise organizations.Your sellers understand how the internet has leveled the playing field and that is how Real Estate is being sold by localized Brokerages and not big name national organizations.400,000 Real Estate Licenses have already left expensive National Franchise Organizations and we are creating a community within the movement to Un~Franchise Residential Real Estate. If you want proof, just search your local MLS for who the public is trusting with their listings! In many large markets and in small markets independently owned and operated Brokerages carry the lion share of the listings! In Luxury Real Estate and Affordable Housing many markets show a trend toward independents over national franchise brands.So why is all that money going out of your pocket? Take a Look Under The Hood of Cooperative Real Estate and find out how a private club is Un~Franchising Residential real Estate so you can Learn More ~ Earn More ~ Keep More 


Real Estate Staging Expert Designation

Our most popular program in the system. A growing army of Staging Experts have achieved their critical distinction. Agents love the common sense real world real estate discussion. Rather than renting furniture and redecorating, we focus on slightly overpriced listings that may be dark, damp, dingy, cluttered, crowded, or maybe just lack a little curb appeal. 

Farming Fridays 

Have you ever noticed that the best agents in every market OWN a geographic farm area? A farm area is a foundation for predictable recurring income and market share. Now you can follow an exact sequence of events along with hundreds of agents across the country. Allow Us to chart the course to healthy Six Figure Income during thier multi-week curriculum. 

EBOL - Every By Owner Lists

For Sale By Owner’s are a consistent source of business for ambitious agents. Cooperative Real Estate Team offers a proven CRM for introduction, follow up and conversion of even the most stubborn FSBO. Our program takes the guesswork, procrastination, and emotions out of prospecting their important segment of your local marketplace. 

Shark Feeding Associate Level Accountability Program

Our most aggressive coaching program is not for everyone. It is specially built for agents who aspire to a large listing inventory. Top Producers in every market lean on a few proven sources of business to “hunt” for listing prospects. Our multi-week Coaching Program gets straight to the point of personal responsibility, task management, & income generators. 

Renovation Lending

Learn the tricks to building a steady stream of referrals by showing clients how to create "Instant Equity" using our   Exclusive "Reno Visualizer" to show clients what their dream home will look like. Earn more listings by showing sellers how to sell with a Renovation Plan. Learn how any home can become a Dream Home! Sell more homes and sell them faster. 

Listing Goldmine

Each night at the stroke of midnight the “gold rush” is on in every market across the country. The salted mine spills out all of the listings that didn’t sell in the MLS. Well trained agents identify the gold nuggets and build their saleable listing inventory. We teach the techniques proven to gain listing appointments week in and week out. 

Social Media Just for Real Estate

Now we are cooking with gas!!! All of the recipe cards and cold calls and door knocking in the world cannot beat a strategic social media plan. This is not your father’s real estate market! You have an immense opportunity to accelerate your earning right away. Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging is all about relationship building. 

Psychology of Selling just for Real Estate

Brian Tracy’s iconic Psychology of Selling program has been adapted to residential Real Estate by Brian Tracy International certified instructor Dr. Andreas Boettcsher. Your sales  will benefit from their "fortune 500" caliber instruction. 

Probate Worx

Learn to tap into a market share 70% of the properties are FREE & CLEAR, why the majority of executors & administrators must liquidate the real estate, how to find how your clients can buy properties at deep discounts, how to identify which properties MUST BE SOLD IMMEDIATELY! , and to access Probate LEADS without going to the courthouse. 

DISC Personality Profiles

The DISC Personality Profile System is taught worldwide and is essential to residential Real Estate Sales and communication. We have DISC certified trainers who tie the proven techniques to Real World Real Estate objection handling including pricing, low ball offers, listing issues and rapport building with prospective clientele. 

Peak Performance just for Real Estate

Anthony Robbins Peak Performance Trainers are world renowned and our favorite is Milton Olave. Mr. Olave’s background is compelling as an entrepreneur and a peak performance strategist. We can host online or live Sales Rally events subject to some restrictions. Home Centric Realty  offers a toolbox of solutions for our real estate partners while developing a rich culture that attracts listings and Top Real Estate Agent recruits to your Brokerage. Home Centric Realty and The My Worx Suite enable agents to grow their business and market their listings online, on mobile devices, with videos, on social networking sites, and in print. Our goal is to help our users with every aspect of marketing their listings online. Over the years, our features have grown to include so much more than a simple website used to showcase a home. In order to help you win listings, and sell them faster we also include: a video builder that will automatically syndicate to YouTube; a tool that will help you post your listing on craigslist; a property feedback system that allows agents and brokers to send feedback request to agents who have shown their listing; built-in social sharing tools; a Facebook app that will automatically post listings on a Facebook business page; a document vault that enables the agent to upload and password protect any number of disclosures, inspections, floor plans etc.; syndication to the major property portals; a mobile version of the property website; and a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) that will store all of the user’s website contacts and leads.We also offer the ability to purchase premium domain names and a custom sign rider for each listing. 

MLS Sync

Once your account is linked to your MLS, My Worx Suite will automatically create a Single Property Website for each of your listings and update with changes as they are made. 

Facebook Syndication

Upon linking your Facebook Business Page to your My Worx Suite account, the system will syndicate all of your active Listings to your page allowing your followers to see your property listings real time. 


Smart Lead Capture

Our mobile platform that allows agents & brokers to capture leads by offering their clients the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale. With their service, each property is assigned a unique Smart Capture Code. Prospects get instant property details – you get the lead! 

Listing Syndication

At your direction, we will feed your website and listing data to the major search engines and property website portals. These portals include Trulia, iPropertySearch and more! Listing Syndication is included with service! 

Video Builder

With our video builder, MWS creates stunning videos for each of your listings and automatically posts them on YouTube. The premium listing tool is fun to watch, gains you leads, and is included with My Worx Suite sites! Did you know that Google uses YouTube to complete all it’s searches first? 

Property Flyers

My Worx Suite sites provide you with professionally designed flyers and a posting tool so you can effortlessly send your listing data to online classified sites such as Craigslist, or eBay.