Who is Hero Home Source

Hero Home Source was created by small group of independent professionals that began working together in 1986.

The formation was as organic as it was simplistic: The son of a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer, Marries a Broward County School Teacher, their Brothers are all Marines and their fathers retired Naval and Army Officers. Our best friend who is Chief at Metro Dade fire station married another Broward County School Teacher, his brother is a police officer at Sunrise Police Department and their step father is a combat veteran of the Army having served in three tours in Vietnam.

Gee, I wonder if we should offer a few special perks to the hero’s in our life and all their friends and family members.

By 1988 we had formalized Law Enforcement, Teacher and Firefighter Appreciate programs with a specific focus on Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance Benefits.

By 1990 we extended the benefits to active Duty and honorably discharged armed forces service personnel.

By 1999 we were at the top of our prospective fields in South Florida and began to replace ourselves with other committed professionals who shared our CORE Ideal of appreciating Heroes.

By 2005 we had aligned forces with 540 Associates who shared our love of viral marketing though these Employee Benefits Programs.

In 2010 as the regional director for a national franchise company and a nationally recognized speaker we formally launched HERO HOME SOURCE into 50 states which are divided into 4700 replicate domains.

Our proudest accomplishment is the letters of thanks we receive from hard working heroes that were able to buy a house full of furniture or much needed paint job or major renovation to their new home as a direct result of their HERO HOME SOURCE rebate.

Program Benefits

Hero Home Source provides qualified public servants an immediate CASH benefit when making any Real Estate transaction. Private Sector programs combine for up to $5000 CASH at Closing when using participating vendors to the HERO HOME SOURCE employee benefits program. The amount of your CASH at closing depends only upon the price of the home you are purchasing or selling and the number of participating vendors that you voluntarily elect to employ during the process. Our network includes Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Escrow Companies, Attorneys and Title Companies.  

Committed Real Estate Professionals must adhere to strict customer service and operating standards in order to join our employee benefits program. The return is a pool of consumers that have steady income, atypical high moral character and statistically higher overall credit ratings than other consumer groups.

The unique viral marketing advantage associated with public servants is the deeper camaraderie, proximity and accessibility of the network itself.

  • When you treat a TEACHER well, he/she tells other teachers!
  • When you treat a COP well, he/she tells the other COPS!
  • Firefighters typically live together 48 hours per week.
  • And if you have ever been through boot camp you would know the meaning of the word camaraderie.

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