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Home Centric Realty offers appreciate programs with a specific focus on Real Estate and Mortgage Benefits for Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military (active or retired), Teachers and Medical Professionals

Our proudest accomplishment is the letters of thanks we receive from hard working heroes that were able to buy a house.  

Home Centric Realty provides qualified public servants an immediate benefit when making any Real Estate transaction.

Our network includes Mortgage Lenders, Escrow Companies, Attorneys and Title Companies.

The unique viral marketing advantage associated with public servants is the deeper camaraderie, proximity and accessibility of the network itself.

  • When you treat a TEACHER well, he/she tells other teachers!
  • When you treat a COP well, he/she tells the other COPS!
  • Firefighters typically live together 48 hours per week.
  • And if you have ever been through boot camp you would know the meaning of the word camaraderie.

American Association For Lost Children (AAFLC)) - Charity


The American Association For Lost Children (AAFLC) is an awesome and unique charity that physically finds and rescues missing children, operating on tax-deductible donations. AAFLC spends hours, days, weeks, and months conducting hands-on investigations, while traveling in and outside the country performing surveillance and undercover work searching for and rescuing missing children.

Since our beginning, AAFLC has found and rescued over 135 missing children from places like Germany, Lebanon, South Korea, Mexico and numerous cities within the United States. These missing children have endured physical, mental and emotional abuse – and in some cases sexual abuse. They need our help.

Every month, Home Centric Realty donates to this well deserved charity. 


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